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Why choose induction brazing welding soldering machine ?

Dec. 30, 2018

High frequency induction brazing machine, induction welding soldering machine.

Why choose induction brazing?

Induction heating technology is gradually replacing flame heating and furnace heating as the preferred source of brazing heat. 7 reasons why this technology is becoming more and more popular:


Induction heating delivers more energy per square millimeter than flame heating. In other words, induction heating can weld more workpieces per hour than other brazing methods.

2. Improve production capacity

Induction heating is ideal for in-line brazing. It is not necessary to carry or store batch workpieces near brazing equipment during brazing. Electrical control and customized coils enable seamless integration of the brazing process with the production process.

3. Consistent performance

Induction heating is controllable and repeatable. Enter the desired process parameters in the induction device, which will repeat the heating cycle with minimal error.

4. Unique controllability

Induction heating allows the operator to observe the brazing process, which is difficult to achieve for flame welding. The controllability of induction heating and precise heat transfer minimize the risk of overheating and avoid weak joints.

5. More efficient working environment

The flame-heated working environment is uncomfortable, which reduces the operator's enthusiasm and productivity, while the induction heating is very quiet and does not cause the surrounding environment to heat up.

6. Save space

The small brazing equipment makes it easy to place its induction station in the production unit and in the existing layout. And our equipment is compact and easy to move, making it easy to weld more complex and inaccessible workpieces.

7. Non-contact heating

The induction is only heated in the base metal - it will not heat up elsewhere. This is a non-contact process. The base metal will never touch the flame, which will protect the base material from bending and deformation, thus increasing the yield and quality.

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