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Machine Tool Guide Rail Quenching Equipment

  • Main parameters of machine tool guide rail quenching equipment

Machine tool guide rail quenching equipment is mainly consist of:

1.Heating power supply 2. Water cooling units 3. three-demensional motion mechanism 4.optional box 5. Sensor 

Main parameters of machine tool guide rail quenching equipment

1.Super audio induction heating power supply TH-VI-300

2.Frequency: 15-35KHZ

3.Adjustable Power: 10-90 KW

4.Longitudinal rails:6m,8m,10m,12m

5.Longitudinal effective stroke:5m,7m,9m,11m

6.Longitudinal movement speed:slow adjusable,quick conversion

7.Lateral movement range:800-1000mm

8.Lifting travel range:500-600mm,adjustable speed

9.The maximum width of quenching surface: 360mm

10.Maximum adaptation lathe bed width:1000mm

Quenching a variety of cross section guide rail results indicates that:hardening gray cast iron material guide rail , surface hardness is about 52HRC ,complete meet up to the standard.Effective hardening layer is about 2.5mm,ensure the material has effective hardening layer depth after grinding.Machine tool bed after quenching, deformation is very small,within the allowable range;the surface doesn't exist microcrack or local melting phenomena.

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