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MF Induction Heating Machine For Steel Rod Forging

  • Hot forming/forging of the standard components and fasteners

Applications of MF induction heating furnace

1. Hot forming/forging of the standard components and fasteners

2. Hot forging of the automobile and motorcycle parts, metallic tools

3. Hot forging of embryo gear parts

4. Heat distortion of pipes

5. Other forging applications.

6. Suitable for workpiece with various shape and different diamete

7. Customized forging production solution

Advantages of induction heating furnace for steel billet forging

Control cabinet part

1. Electric cabinet operation instrument: The instrument of the electric cabinet is designed with an embedded tilt of 15 degrees, which can effectively prevent the workpiece from accidentally dropping and damaging the instrument.

2. The main control panel of the electric cabinet is controlled by a microcomputer and starts with a one-button zero pressure. The main control board is highly integrated for the control of the complete machine.

3. The separate installation design of the water pressure gauge of the furnace body and the electric cabinet can allow the user to monitor the water pressure of the electric cabinet and the furnace body more conveniently and intuitively.

4. Isolated push button switch button design. User-friendly one-touch switch operation.

Furnace body Part

1. The use of GB aluminum profiles around the furnace body is beautiful and does not produce heat.

2. The induction coil inside the furnace body is treated with two insulations. The first spray of high temperature insulation paint. The second round of glass fiber tape. The service life of the treated furnace lining and induction coil will increase by more than two times.

3. The water inlet and outlet of the furnace adopt water-cooled copper plates to increase the service life of the lining.

4. The furnace cooling water pipe adopts high temperature non-carbon rubber hose, and the water pipe can meet the long-term work at -18C----120C ambient temperature. The service life is more than three years.

Feeding System Part

1. Feeding device adopts nip roller feeding, suitable for bar material with a diameter of 40-120mm.

2. The feeding speed is controlled by variable frequency motor and the feeding speed is adjustable.

3. The aluminum roller is used for both the roller feeding motor and the speed reducer, which can effectively prevent the peripheral heating of the sensor.

Technical parameters of induction heating machine for steel rod forging

ModelRated powerMF frequencyInput voltageInput currentTransformerMF voltage聽DC voltageDC current
MF-100010000.7-1380V / 660V160012502000

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