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Medium frequency Induction Hot Forging Machine

  • One time can heat 3-5 pieces steel bars,depend on diameters and machine power.

Features of medium frequency induction hot forging machine

One time can heat 3-5 pieces steel bars,depend on diameters and machine power.

Water cooling induction heating machine ,ensure machine 24 hours continuous working

Complete protecting functions:over current, over voltage, lack of phase, lack of water, OC.Reset, timer etc. When any alarm lamp light, machine stop heating, prevent it damaged, until trouble shooting, start heating again.

IGBT modules, full solid state induction heating machine, energy save 30%-50% than traditional high frequency tube machine or other heating metod,such as coal heating stove.

Induction coils are easy to change, customized coils, according to size of work pieces.

No-contacting work pieces , safe and reliable.

Applications of medium frequency induction hot forging machine

diathermy (forging)

(1) Round steel categories:

A. bolts, nuts, drill head hot forge, the car U-bolts, anchor bolt, connecting rod, non-standard parts processing, conductive rod

B. stainless steel tableware, stainless steel bolts and nuts

C. tools: pliers, bolt cutters, pipe clamp, water pump pliers, pliers, wrenches, ratchet wrenches, masonry chisel,

D. Other: sewing gadgets, jack head, boss chair, shackles, hand rings, flowers Lancashire body, feet kidnapper, tricycle axle, briquettes machine Chong-pin, roll gate axis, articulated manifolds, hot-rolled twist drill, Hot-rolled rebar, hot-rolled woodworking drill, bearing

(2) sheet/plate categories:

A. forged stainless steel cutlery, automotive steel  plate.

B. sheet folding: folding iron hand jack, metal folding channel, automotive steel, hot rolled construction steel buckle, automotive leaf spring

C. embossed: Iron Works embossing, embossing motorcycle brake pedal heating, sanitary ware.

D. Forming: bending, upsetting head, punching, flatten, step by step tight angle iron molding, from nails, rasp, sanitary ware

(3) pipe deformation: pipe heat distortion, fire extinguishers stretching, stretching cylinders, fans rose shaped brackets bend, pipe up hole, bicycle fork shrinkage, food machinery punching

(4) other categories:

Electric Vehicle wrist, drill rod, drill bits, copper pieces (communication, air conditioning parts), trains pin, watch cases, railway rail pressure ring.

Technical parameters

Induction heating machine MF-300KW

Input power:10-300KW

Work power:3 phase 380V/50HZ



Cooling water pressure: 0.5MPA

Cooling water flow: 6CBM/hour

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