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300KW induction heating equipment

  • electromagnetic induction heating equipment ,used for through heating, heat treatment, melting.shrink fit etc.

First, the application of induction heating equipment

This series of models used in the machinery industry, such as brazing, heat treatment, forging, heat and other fields. Work is generally based on the user's size and production cycle for the specific requirements of other choices. 

1. Forging, rolling class 

1.1 The variety of hot-rolled twist drill. 

1.2 standard parts, hot forging fasteners, such as high strength bolts, nuts and so on. 

1.3 drill steel, tempering brazing, forging, extrusion heating. 

2. Heat treatment Class 

2.1 The various hardware tools, hand tools, heat treatment. Such as pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers, axes and so on. 

2.2 kinds of auto parts, motorcycle accessories high-frequency quenching. Such as: crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, crank pin, wheel, camshaft, valves, all kinds of rocker arm, rocker shaft; transmission of various gears, spline shafts, drive axle, a variety of small axes, a variety of fork and other high-frequency quenching. 

2.3 power tools on the gears, shafts and other high-frequency quenching. 

2.4 a variety of hydraulic components, pneumatic components of high frequency hardening heat treatment. Such as the piston plunger, rotor pump rotor on a variety of valves for the shaft, the gear pump gear, etc. quenching. 

2.5 Heat treatment of metal parts. Such as the various gears, sprockets, all kinds of shafts, spline shafts, pins and other high-frequency quenching. 

2.6 Machine tool industry guide, tools swallowtail quenching treatment. 

Second, features of induction heating equipment

1. IGBT modules, save energy than traditional high frequency tube heater.

2. Protect full.Over current.over voltage,lack of phase,water shortage, etc. more than ten alarm lamps.

3. Heating fast.Within1 second ,temperature rise up to 1200 degree,even higher. 

4. No need contacting work pieces, safety, safe and reliable.

5. Environmental friendly,no pollution, good for worker's health

6. Easy to change induction coils, for heating different shape of steel billet

7. Easy to install and operate.

8. Low maintenance cost

Specifications of WZP-500A/300KW induction heating generator



Work power

3 phase 380V+/-10%, 50-60HZ

Input voltage


can be changed, depend on your country's electric power

Input current


Input power

6-200KW(power adjusted stepless)

Oscillation frequency

8-15 KHZ

Cooling water pressure

0.3 MPA

Size of generator:




Weight of generator ; transformer

172kgs; 205kgs

Water cooling protection point

Below 50 degree celsius

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