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Medium frequency axle shaft Gear Hardening Machine

  • medium frequency hardening 3-10mm, high frequency hardening depth 1-3mm

Advantages of IGBT meidum frequency induction hardening machine

1.High efficient: energy saving,environmental protection

2.Heating fast:The fastest heating speed is less than 1 second

3.Heating wide: can heating variety of metal workpieces(according to different shapes of work pieces, replace removable induction coils)

4.Easy installation :the machine can be used,as soon as connected the power supply, induction coils, water inlet and outlet.

Small size, light weight ,easy to use

5. Simple operation , several minutes to learn.

6. Start fast, pass water and electric power can start heating

7.Low power consumption:can save about 40% energy than tradional HF tube furnace , save degree is relation with shpes of work pieces and induction coils.

8.Good effect: Heating very uniform (by adjusting the density of induction coils, makes every parts of work piece obtain the respective needs of temperature), warming up fast, less oxidation layer, surface got good gloss  after heating .

9.Full protection: has over voltage,over current,temperature is over high,lack of water, lack of phase,etc, alarm lamps indicators. can automaticly control and protection the machine itself.

10.Temperature is adjustable, by setting heating time and the infrared thermometer, to control heating temperature of work pieces.Thus control heating temperature to a technology points , Can also increase the insulation function.

11.High security, eliminating the nearly million-Volt high voltage



Work power

3 phase 380V+/-10%, 50-60HZ

Input voltage


Input current


Input power

10-250KW(power adjusted stepless)

Oscillation frequency


Cooling water pressure

0.3 MPA

Size of generator:




Weight of generator ; transformer

172kgs; 205kgs

Water cooling protection point

Below 50 degree celsius

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