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160KW Electromagnetic Induction Heating Equipment

  • electromagnetic induction heating equipment ,used for through heating, heat treatment, melting.shrink fit etc.

First, the application of electromagnetic induction heating equipment 

1, through thermoforming all kinds of standard parts, fasteners, machinery parts, hardware tools, straight shank twist drill of hot forging, hot rolling, metal annealing. Such as: tensile steel; wire, nail wire heating; stainless steel annealed, rose type. 

2, heat treatment various types of hardware tools, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic components, automotive, motorcycle parts and other mechanical parts of the surface of the metal, the hole, partial or total quenching. Such as: hammer, knife, scissors, pliers and all kinds of shafts, cams, sprockets, gears, valves, ball stud, a large machine tool guide, ductile iron quenching. 

3, various types of brazing carbide blade, turning, milling, planing, reamer, diamond saw blade, serrated welding; grinding, drilling, cutting welding; brass, copper, stainless steel pot, etc. hybrid welding of metallic materials. 

4, metal melting: melting gold, silver and copper. 

5, other areas of plastic pipe heating cable, heating wire coating; food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, the use of aluminum foil. 

Second, features of induction heating equipment

1, small size, light weight, easy installation, easy operation. 

2, high efficiency,  saving energy obviously, high-frequency energy-saving equipment than the traditional 60% 

3, safe and reliable, no million-volt high-pressure, very safe for the operator. 

4, the frequency bandwidth to meet the different parts of brazing, heat treatment, forging before heating. 

5, a unique cooling system, ensure that the equipment 24 hours of continuous work. 

Specifications of WZP-300A/160KW induction heating equipment



Work power

3 phase 380V+/-10%, 50-60HZ

Input voltage


can be changed, depend on your country's electric power

Input current


Input power

6-160KW(power adjusted stepless)

Oscillation frequency

10-50 KHZ

Cooling water pressure

0.3 MPA

Size of generator:




Weight of generator ; transformer

147kgs; 108kgs

Water cooling protection point

Below 50 degree celsius

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