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1T 2T 3T cast iron steel scrap melting induction furnace

  • induction melting furnace, melting steel, iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, bronze, etc.

Applications of induction melting furnace 

1. Induction melting furnace mainly used for melting cast iron, cast steel , copper and aluminum alloy scrap for casting dies.

2. Induction metal melting furnace can also be used together with selfheated furnaces and electric arc furnace for heating orkeeping warm the molten iron and molten steel.

3. induction melting furnace is applicable to melt steel , cast iron , copper, aluminum and other metals.

4. induction melting furnace can be produced with different volume , such as 150kg ,250kg ,350kg ,500kg ,750kg ,1000kg etc...

5. induction melting furnace has 1650C operation temperature .

6. induction melting furnace will be matched with metal liquid ladle if customer need 

Steel iron scrap metal Induction Melting Furnace KGPS-800

Performance  of Aluminum shell furnace 

1. Aluminum shell body adopts thick high-quality aluminum alloy shell to reduce leakage magnetic flux and ensure furnace body strength

2. The thick-walled induction coils used by our company use T2 standard copper tubes to provide more smelting energy, and the open space between of turns of induction coils improves the electrical efficiency.

3. The open type hearth reduces water vapor, and a cooling ring is designed at the bottom to extend the service life of the lining

4. The use of integral refractory bricks instead of ordinary asbestos rings greatly reduces the cost of furnace maintenance at a later stage

Technical parameters of medium frequency power supply

ModelMedium frequency power supplyMelting Furnace Matching transformer
KGPS PowerVoltageMF VoltageDimensionsFrequencyWeightSizeInduction coils ID weight 
100kg100KW3×380V750V1000×800×170025000.5tD630AL shellD3000.3T125
250kg250KW3×380V750V1300×850×200015000.8tD730AL shellD4500.7T250
350kg350KW3×380V750V1300×850×200015000.8tD730 Al shellD5800.9T400
500kg400KW3×380V1500V1300×850×200010001tD1100 AL shellD5801T500
750kg600KW3×380V1500V1300×850×200010001tD1100AL shellD5801.2T630
1T850KW3×660V2400V1300×850×200010001.2t1180AL ShellD7201.3T900
1.5T1000KW3×660V2500V1300×850×20008001.2tD1250 Al shellD7601.8T1250
2T1500KW3×660V2500V2400×1000×20005001.6tD1350AL ShellD8602T1600
3T2000KW3×950V3200V2400×1000×20005001.6tD1400 AL shellD9802.5T2500
5T3000KW6×950V3400V2400×1000×20005002.5tSteel shellD11404.5T3300
10T6000KW6×1250V3700V3500×1000×22003003tSteel shellD145023T7200
15T10000KW6×1250V4000V4000×1200×22002203.5tSteel shellD180032T12500

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