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35kw Bolts induction heating for forging machine

  • high frequency induction heating machine, bolts nuts hot forging ,steel rod ends heating for forging

Features of igbt induction heating machine

1.Heating fast: this is the heating rate of less than 1 second (speed adjustable speed control) 

2. Heating wide: wide range of metal parts can be heated (according to the different shape of the workpiece replacement of removable induction loop) 

3.Easy installation: connect the power, induction loop and out of the water can be used; small size, light weight, easy to use 

4.Simple operation: a few minutes to learn 

5.Start fast: you can start with water after the heating power 

6.Low power consumption: high-frequency device than the old-fashioned tube about 70% energy saving, the smaller the power consumption of the smaller parts 

7.Good effect: the heating is very uniform (also by regulating the induction coil density, so that all parts of the workpiece to obtain their desired temperature), heating up fast, less oxide layer after annealing without waste 

8.Adjustable power: The Promise adjust the output power 

9.Protection all: with over voltage, over current, overheating, lack of water and other alarm indicator, and automatic control and protection 


First, quenching categories: 

1. All kinds of gears, sprockets, shaft quenching; 

2. a variety of axle, leaf springs, fork, valve, rocker, ball stud and other auto parts quenching. 

3. All kinds of engine parts, gear parts hardened surface; 

4 bed machine tool of machine tool industry guide of quenching (lathe, milling machine, planer, punch, etc.). 

5. All kinds of pliers, knives, scissors, axes, hammers and other hand tools quenching. 

Second, Diathermy categories: 

1. All kinds of bolt, nut hot forging; 

2 hot-rolled cannabis cobalt; 

3 diameter of 50 within all parts through hot forging; 

Third, welding class: 

1 piece of diamond drill bit composite welding; 

2 of carbide blade, saw blade welding; 

3. All kinds of cutter, drill head, drill pipe, coal drill bits, drill bits and other mine parts of the wind welding; 

Technical parameters of bolts induction heating for forging machine


Input Voltage

Three phase 380 V +/-10%  50-60HZ

Input current


Output power


Oscillation frequency


Cooling water pressure


Size (L*W*H)

Generator 590×330×650mm

Transformer 500×360×455mm

Net Weight

Generator 41KG

transformer 37kgs

Cooling water temperature

Below 50 degree 

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