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Copper Tube Brazing Induction Welding Machine

  • high frequency copper tube brazing induction welding machine

Advantages of high frequency induction welding machine 

1. IGBT modules, save energy than traditional high frequency tube heater.

2. Protect full.Over current.over voltage,lack of phase,water shortage, etc. more than ten alarm lamps.

3. Heating fast.Within1 second ,temperature rise up to 1200 degree,even higher. 

4. No need contacting work pieces, safety, safe and reliable.

5. Environmental friendly,no pollution, good for worker's health

6. Easy to change induction coils, for heating different shape of steel billet

7. Easy to install and operate.

8. Low maintenance cost

Technial paraemters of 30KW induction welding machine 

Working voltage 3phase, 380V+/-10%,50-60HZ
Output power3-26kw
Output current 3-45A 
Oscillation frequency30-100khz
Cooling water pressure0.1-0.2MPA

Applications of induction welding machine

 brazing welding soldering

1.  refrigeration equipment, copper tube welding

2.  the relay, water pressure meter etc. welding 

3. transformer, motor copper wire welding

4. light accessories, musical instruments and other accessories welding

5. sanitary ware copper tube, iron tube welding

1.  Diamond tools, abrasives welding

2.  hard alloy ,saw baldes welding

3.  lathe tool , milling cutter, reamer 

4.  drill bits, coal bits welding

5.  various of machinery parts and components welding

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