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Continuous casting billets induction heating furnace

  • hot billets reheating furnace, recommend to use on-line longitudinal heating.

Hot billets reheating furnace, recommend to use on-line longitudinal heating. Advantage is no need to change the walking direction of the billet,it is

matching with the continuous casting machine. Produce one piece continuous casting billet, heat one piece billet; when no continuous casting billets, Induction heating equipment can be stopped, achieve a certain energy saving effect. 

We provide supporting parts of the billet reheating furnace .Transmission part with  Frequency control, can change the production speed. According to our experience, it is recommended to use longitudinal heating.  

Successful cases for steel billet induction heating furnace:

Continuous casting billet size: 80MM*80MM*1.5M,Heating length: 1.5M

1.1 Heating cold billets 80MM*80MM *1.5M ,Heating temperature: 1250°C

Efficiency: 60Second/Piece

1.2 Heating hot billets 80MM*80MM *1.5M

Heating temperature from 850 degree to 1250 degree ,3.5-4Ton/hour

Cold billet heating ,requires 1600 kW and heating time is 1 minute.  Recommend Lateral heating. Such a scheme has the smallest footprint  and more flexible production (the number of billets that can be unlimited, is used as a supplement to the caster)   

1600kw steel billet heating furnace technical parameters 

Rated power1600KW
Incoming voltage660V
Rated voltage of Electric furnace1500V
Rated DC current1880A
Rated MF frequency1000HZ
Rated temperature1250℃
Power supply specificationsKGPS-1600-1

Whatever size of your steel billet, just tell us your detailed requirement, we will recommend you the best suitable machine model and solution. 

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