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Auto Brass Pipe Induction Brazing Welding Machine Table

  • copper tube brazing welding, high frequency auto welding station

Applications of high frequency induction brazing machine:
1.  refrigeration equipment, copper tube brazing welding
2.  the relay, water pressure meter etc.brazing welding 
3. transformer, motor copper wire welding
4. light accessories, musical instruments and other accessories welding
5. sanitary ware copper tube, iron tube welding

Oscilation lfrequency 20-100khz
Input voltage 3ph,380V,50-60HZ
Continuous load rate90%
Input current3-25A
Cooling water pressure0.1-0.2MP
Generator weight 18KG 
Transformer weight22KG
Generator size 410*290*500mm
Transformer size 310*260*380mm

1. One year warranty
2. Provide long-terms technical support 
3. Free replacement spare parts within one year warranty period.
4. After warranty period, you can buy spare parts from us with discount price

More induction heating brazing applications
1.  Diamond tools, abrasives brazing welding
2.  hard alloy ,saw baldes welding
3.  lathe tool , milling cutter, reamer brazing
4.  drill bits, coal bits welding
5.  various of machinery parts and components welding

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