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Electric Induction Heating Furnace

  • Frequency 3 KHZ, can directly output through induction forging furnace

Advantages of medium frequency kgps electric induction heating furnace

1. Frequency 3 KHZ, can directly output through induction forging furnace

2. Safe and reliable, performance well

3. Full automatic lifting and feeding steel rods, save workers and time ,improve productivity

4. Easy to maintenance, low cost

5. Long life, water cooling circulation system,make machine working for 24 hours continously

6. Equipped with closed cooling tower is better for medium frequency electric furnace working.

7. Infrared thermometer , delivery system has function of pass and reject ,depend on different temperature.  (Optional)

IF heating furnace can use 500-10000HZ medium frequency power to heat the workpiece according to the geometry of different materials and heating process requirements.

1. Mainly used for precision forging heating of gears, axle connecting rod, bearings, etc.

2. Can also be used for bar, long bar feeding temperature, cutting, online heating

3. Heat treatment of metal materials before forging, extrusion, hot rolling, shearing, and for the whole metal material tempering, annealing, tempering, etc.

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